SEAK 2021 Impact Awards

Our congratulations to the hardworking team of Holiday Inn and Suites Makati’s Engineering and IT Team. These are our Few Good Men who have sacrificed their time and worked on demanding shifts to ensure that the Hotel is in safe condition. Our Assistant Chief Engineer, Froi Ilagan, was thrust to lead the entire department, together with Duty Engineers Mon Canilang and Arnel Ravelo whose hard work and dedication made a great impact to the Hotel. Notable actions were done as proper maintenance checks were conducted in the entire property making sure that all equipment and machines were functioning properly. These assured our hotel guests of a safe and comfortable stay as proper measures were in place since all our guests were in quarantine.

Working 12-hour shifts, having to stay in the hotel, being on call for 24 hours, attending to operational needs in the middle of the night, responding to calls for assistance multiple times during supposedly off-hours, the countless cuts and burns from hot works, repairs and renovations have become battle scars that will forever be reminders of what they have sacrificed.

Indeed, a tough act that takes a lot of sacrifice for the call of duty just to ensure compliance with local regulations and preventive measures were in place to make sure our hotel is safe. Being physically away from their respective families in this most challenging time was truly a big sacrifice for them but they remained motivated and dedicated especially that what they’re doing not only provides for their family but more than anything else, they contributed their blood and sweat to make the whole hotel safe and delighted our guests for a better stay experience during their quarantine. Truly, a testament that their hard work and sacrifice made a great impact to our hotel and our guests.

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